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1999 to 2019 - Twin Falls, Idaho, USA
Chief Executive Officer: Angie Communications USA, Inc.
Group Chief Operations Officer: Angie Communications International, B.V.
A Principal Architect of Angie's FiberBroadband Strategy


1996 to 2019 - Twin Falls, Idaho, USA
CEO: Orbital Development
Aerospace Consulting and Development


2000 to 2019 - Twin Falls, Idaho, USA
President: Eros Project
Property Rights in Space


1995 to 2016 -Twin Falls, Idaho, USA
President: Beefjerky.com
Internet Sales of Beef Jerky


1998 to 2000 - San Diego, California, USA
Vice President & Chief Operations Officer: TransOrbital, Inc.
Lunar Video Orbiter


1996-1998 - San Diego, California, USA
Engineering Technician - International Space Enterprises
NASA Prototype Mars Rovers, Mir Pepsi TV Commercial


1985 to 1995 - San Diego, California, USA
Practical implementations of electron theories and applications.

1983 to 1984 - Pacific Ocean: California to Australia
Fluid dynamics applied to seagoing transportation with inherent celestial navigation applications.

1970 to 1983 - Tucson, AZ, USA
Expansion and consolidation of assets with a goal of integrated applications for real-world advances.

1967 to 1970 - Myrtle Beach, SC, USA
Diversified additional educational, technological and industrial sub-systems for improved assets retention.

1963 to 1967 - Bitburg, West Germany
Focused on acquisition of additional diverse language systems and cultural/sociological awarenesses & solutions throughout Western Europe.

1959 to 1963 - Mt. Home, Idaho, USA
Engaged with existing and additional instructors to improve upon previous milestones of language and motor control. Began lab work to improve upon sociological cognition and interpersonal relations solutions.

1957 to 1959 - St. Georges, Bermuda
Interacted with instructors developing early language systems and early motor control systems.



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